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Saturn Is Groovy Cuffed Beanie

Saturn Is Groovy Cuffed Beanie

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When Galileo first observed Saturn through a telescope in 1610, he could discern it was uniquely shaped, but little did he know! 30 million times wider than they are thick, Saturn’s gorgeous rings form a glittering but very thin belt around the dusky world. Saturn’s a celestial-knock out! Isn’t it groovy?

Upgrade your look with this premium cuffed beanie from Yupoong. It is snug and form-fitting, making it a comfy choice. It's not only warm headwear, it also serves as a staple in anyone’s wardrobe during cold weather. It features custom embroidery on the front, is made from 100% Turbo acrylic fabric, and is hand washable. One size fits all.

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You will be the smartest (and most stylish, and warmest) person at the campfire, dog park, ice rink, ski hill or wherever in the universe you may find yourself on a winter’s day in this cuffed beanie. Seriously, anyone who lives in the north knows you need more than one hat to deal with the variety of conditions winter will throw at you. This smartly-designed cuffed beanie is warm but not too warm, perfect for all but the most extreme temperatures. It’s a great conversation starter that makes us look forward to fall and winter!


• 100% Turbo Acrylic • 12″ (30 cm) in length • Hypoallergenic • Unisex style • Hand washable • Blank product sourced from Vietnam or Bangladesh


This hat should not be washed in a washing machine or dryer. Use a clean, damp sponge, perhaps in combination with a mild fabric soap, to spot wash problem areas. For a full-hat cleaning, submerge in cool water, gently wash and rinse well, making sure to remove all soap residue. Allow to air dry.

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“We are grateful that we’ve been given a purpose, a directive that is as clear as the stars on a moonless night, to teach the world all about the real universe.”


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Saturn Is Groovy Pom-Pom Beanie

We can’t guarantee it’ll turn you into a professional astronomer, but we can guarantee you’ll be stylish and warm while watching the stars go by.

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